Educational Objectives


Aortic Arterial

  • Current evidence for EVAR and TVAR
  • Reduction of paraplegia
  • New/Novel devices for both arch pathologies and supra-renal pathologies
  • Management of Aortic dissections, including evidence and timing of intervention
  • Inflammatory/congenital aortic pathologies and their management

Peripheral Arterial

  • Current EVSS and SVS guidelines
  • Aorto-iliac pathologies and management (open and interventional)
  • The common femoral and PFA, its pathologies and contreversies regarding management
  • The Superficial femoral arterial disease management
  • Below knee arterial disease and management, including current controversies and tips and tricks
  • Peripheral arterial aneurysms (concentrate on mesenteric vessels and popliteal artery)
  • Popliteal entrapement syndrome, diagnosis and management
  • Role of artherectomy devices (if any), in peripheral vascular disease
  • Latest in the medical management of peripheral arterial disease

Superficial Venous

  • Discussion on the new European Vascular society guidelines
  • Topics to cover thermal, glue, surgery, including comparisons
  • Novel therapies (ulltrasound ablation)
  • The role of perforator incompetence and its management, current evidence and contreversies
  • Management of venous ulcers inclunding medical
  • Good Duplex assessment of superficial veins, how to do it

Deep Veins Venous

  • Patient selection and evidence and contreversies surrounding intervention for acute deep venous thrombosis
  • Comparisons between lysis, pharmaco-mechanical lysis and medical treatment
  • The role of IVUS
  • Novel devices, venous stents and selection of stents and sizing for deep venous intervention
  • May- Thurner syndrome, diagnosis and management

Hot Topics I

  • Timing of dialysis access creation and guidelines surrounding when and what type of access
  • Pre-fistula creation radiological assessment and site selection
  • Access survellence and ways to improve primary and secondary patency
  • Management of blocked AV access (interventional and surgical)
  • Novel and rare forms of dialysis access including hero procedure etc. Endo AVF, its role, patient selection, teniques and devices

Hot Topics II

  • Classification and diagnostics in vascular malformations
  • Management of low flow vascular malformations
  • Management of arterio-venous malformations
  • Primary adult lymphedema-diagnostics and management
  • Post-surgical lymphedema and its management
  • Mutti-disciplinary management of the diabetic foot